Web Publishing and Design Assignments

Project 1 - Student Bio Website (10%):

  • Set up a site with at least four pages with bio info, links and one image on each page. One page will be an Assignments or Portfolio page (or similar) that will hold links to other projects.
  • Rubric for Project 1
  • Skills learned: Beginning HTML, images, Web hosting

Project 2 - Student Bio Website Redesign (10%):

  • Use HTML, CSS and Photoshop, to redesign the personal site you originally made.
  • Rubric for Project 2
  • Skills learned: CSS, Photoshop

Project 3 - Hobby or Organization Responsive Design Site (10%):

  • Set up a website for a hobby or organization that you are affiliated (at least four pages total) using Twitter Bootstrap. This must be a new site - not a redesign of an existing site.
  • Rubric for Project 3
  • Skills learned: Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, Photoshop

Troubleshooting Exercise (5%):

  • You will be given an HTML page with a series of coding problems. Fix the coding problems, so it looks like the one presented on the screen.
  • Click here to download the quiz files.
  • Skills learned: Troubleshooting a web page

Final Project Proposal (5%):

  • Come up with different story ideas. Discuss and decide on one. Send me an email that outlines your idea. I will need the story angle, story significance, people you hope to interview, pages you hope your site will contain and ideas for at least three multimedia components. Required multimedia components: a video, a photo gallery and a data visualization component (i.e. interactive map, calendar, infographic, etc.) Your topic MUST be an issue that is timely and journalistic in nature. Your job is to tell a story that matters or is compelling.
  • Rubric for Final Project Proposal
  • Which type of design works best with reporting and nature of content.

Responsive Design Exercise (5%):

  • Convert your student bio website into a responsive site by adding media queries and making other small changes to CSS.
  • Rubric for Responsive Design Exercise
  • Skills learned: Media Queries, Advanced CSS

iMovie Exercise (5%):

  • Apply basic video shooting and editing concepts like cropping, splitting clips, adding audio and transitions to tell a multimedia story.
  • Rubric for iMovie Exercise
  • Skills learned: iMovie

Photo Gallery Exercise (5%):

  • Add Javascript to your hobby site to create a photo slideshow with at least five images. This can be a banner slideshow or within a page.
  • Rubric for Javascript Slideshow Exercise
  • Skills learned: Javascript

Final Project (30%):

  • Install WordPress onto your website, and create a multimedia reporting project. Must be at least five pages and include video, images, links, widgets, interactivity and all original content.
  • Rubric for Final Project
  • Skills learned: HTML, design, multimedia or animation skills that best fit nature of reporting project