Dale Blasingame's Academic Vita


A. Name: Dale Blasingame | Title: Senior lecturer

B. Educational Background

  • M.A. 2011, Texas State University, Digital Media
    Thesis: Gatejumping: Twitter, TV News and the Delivery of Breaking News
  • B.A. 1999, Texas State University, Journalism

C. University Experience

  • Senior lecturer, Texas State University, 2016-present
  • Lecturer, Texas State University, 2013-2016
  • Adjunct professor, Texas State University, 2011-2013
  • Graduate instructional/teaching assistant, Texas State University, 2009-2011

D. Relevant Professional Experience

  • Social Media Director, Leadhub, 2010-current
  • Producer, News 4 WOAI, 2000-2009
  • Anchor/Reporter, KTSA-AM, 1999-2000

E. Other Professional Credentials (licensure, certification, etc.)

  • 2009 Lone Star Emmy Award winner
  • 2008 Lone Star Emmy Award nominee
  • 2007 Lone Star Emmy Award winner
  • Member, Online News Association
  • Member, Society of Professional Journalists
  • Member, National Association of Hispanic Journalists


A. Teaching Honors and Awards:

  • Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, April 2011

B. Courses Taught:

  • MC1313 Writing for the Mass Media
  • MC3306 Writing for the Electronic Media
  • MC4381 Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media
  • MC4315 Web Design and Publishing
  • MC1100D Digital Entrepreneur
  • MC4326 Advanced Social Media and Analytics
  • MC1100E Drones and Sensors
  • MC4382Y Mobile Storytelling in the Park

C. Graduate Theses/Dissertations, Honors Theses, or Exit Committees (if supervisor, please indicate): n/a

D. Courses Prepared and Curriculum Development:

  • Designed and proposed a Study in America course for Summer 2017
  • Designed and proposed a mobile storytelling in the park course in conjunction with Texas Parks and Wildlife for spring 2016
  • Designed and proposed a social media analytics course that was approved for Fall 2015
  • Co-designed a drones and sensors mini-course for Fall 2015
  • Designed a digital entrepreneurship speaker series course for Spring 2014

E. Funded External Teaching Grants and Contracts: n/a

F. Submitted, but not Funded, External Teaching Grants and Contracts: n/a

G. Funded Internal Teaching Grants and Contracts: n/a

H. Submitted, but not Funded, Internal Teaching Grants and Contracts: n/a

I. Other: n/a


A. Works in Print (including works accepted, forthcoming, in press)

1. Books (if not refereed, please indicate)

a. Scholarly Monographs: n/a
b. Textbooks: n/a
c. Edited Books: n/a
d. Chapters in Books: n/a
e. Creative Books: n/a

2. Articles

a. Refereed Journal Articles:

  • Royal, C.L. and Blasingame, D.C. (2015). Data journalism: An explication. #ISOJ, 5, 24-46.
  • Blasingame, D.C. (2011). Gatejumping: Twitter, TV news and delivery of breaking news. #ISOJ, 2, 5-28.

b. Non-refereed Articles:

  • Blasingame, D. (2016). Facebook Live grew up quickly. Mediashift. July 25, 2016. http:// mediashift.org/2016/07/facebook-live-grew-quickly-heres-how-broadcasters-are-jumping-in/
  • Blasingame, D. (2016). Remix: How to create a social media and analytics class. March 15, 2016. http://mediashift.org/2016/03/remix-how-to-create-a-social-media-analytics-class/
  • Blasingame, D. (2015). The difficult ethics of showing a murderer's video. Mediashift. September 1, 2015. http://mediashift.org/2015/09/the-difficult-ethics-around-showing-a-shooters-video/
  • Blasingame, D. (2015). How TV newsrooms are pushing original video content on Facebook. May 12, 2015. http://mediashift.org/2015/05/how-tv-newsrooms-are-pushing-original-video-on-facebook/
  • Blasingame, D. (2015). How TV newsrooms should use Facebook and why. Mediashift. April 16, 2015. http://mediashift.org/2015/04/how-tv-newsrooms-should-use-facebook-and-why/

3. Conference Proceedings

  • Presenter, 2016 UT Social Media Summit
  • Presenter, 2016 Designs on eLearning Conference
  • Presenter, 2016 CUNY Educational Educators Summit
  • Presenter, 2015 Texas Press Association Midwinter Conference
  • Presenter, 2015 ACP/CMA National College Media Convention
  • Presenter, 2015 International Symposium on Online Journalism
  • Presenter, 2014 Designs on eLearning Conference
  • Presenter, 2014 Tech Tools at Texas State Conference
  • Presenter, 2011 International Symposium on Online Journalism

4. Abstracts: n/a
5. Reports: n/a

6. Book Reviews: n/a

  • The Basics of Media Writing by Dr. Scott Kuehn and Dr. Andrew Lingwall
  • Brand X by Sara Kelly

7. Other Works in Print: n/a

B. Works not in Print

1. Papers Presented at Professional Meetings: n/a

2. Invited Talks, Lectures, and Presentations:

  • Webinar instructor, 2016 MediaShift Digital Ed: Facebook Live for Journalists and Publishers
  • Mentor, 2016 MediaShift J-School Hackathon at University of Georgia
  • Guest lecturer, McCoy School of Business at Texas State University
  • Guest lecturer, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Guest lecturer, University of North Texas
  • Featured guest, EdShift chat: “Posting original content to social media”
  • Featured guest, EdShift chat: “Tech predictions for 2016”
  • Webinar instructor, 2015 Mediashift DigitalEd: How Publishers Can Engage on Social & Drive Revenue
  • Presenter, 2015 Fox O&O General Manager Social Media Training Program

3. Consultancies:

  • Leadhub, Social Media Director, 2011-present
  • Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Copyeditor, 2013-present

4. Workshops:

  • 2015 C3 Research Startup Weekend

5. Other Works not in Print: n/a

C. Grants and Contracts

1. Funded External Grants and Contracts: n/a
2. Submitted, but not Funded, External Grants and Contracts: n/a
3. Funded Internal Grants and Contracts: n/a
4. Submitted, but not Funded, Internal Grants and Contracts: n/a

D. Fellowships, Awards, Honors: n/a


A. Institutional


  • SJMC Technology Committee, 2013-present
  • SJMC Website Committee, 2015-present
  • Digital Media Innovation Development Committee, 2013-present
  • Digital Media Innovation Sequence Team, 2014-present
  • Graduate Instructional Assistant Teaching Bootcamp Team, 2014-present
  • SXTXSTATE Faculty Member, 2013-present

B. Professional:

  • Online News Association
  • Society of Professional Journalists
  • National Association of Hispanic Journalists

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