MC4326 Social Media Project

Objective: Students in this course will complete a semester-long project involving social media and a client in order to understand the responsibility and functions of a job in social media marketing. You will use skills and concepts learned in this class to help the client with social media strategy, content and analytics.

Instructions: You will work individually and in groups with the client. Once a month, we'll meet in class with the client so you can detail your progress. The client can provide analytics information during those meetings. (Please keep in mind that your clients are very busy. Like in real life, there is a balance between being proactive with clients and bothering them.)

Grading: This project is worth 30% of your overall grade. Assignments will be required throughout the semester. Here is the breakdown:

  • Analytics Reports: Each student will be responsible for providing analytics reports each month to me. These reports should look professional. The schedule is on the course website. More details to come.
  • Final Presentation: At the end of the semester, you will present to the client your strategy moving forward. You can think of this as a job interview of sorts. Why should the client want to keep you? The client will provide the grade for this presentation.
  • Two-Sheet Portfolio: In addition to the presentation, you will be required to complete a two-sheet portfolio to submit to the client and me. The first sheet will be a professional-looking recap of your analytics reports for the entire semester. On the second sheet, you will explain your individual vision for the future with this particular client. It is a written assignment to complement your final presentation. You, in turn, can then use this as proof of work done well during future job interviews.